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I am so excited to be offering trips to many exciting destinations.  Come join me on the trip of your choice combining fun, relaxation, outdoor experiences, and growth work.  Each trip is carefully crafted to meet your needs.  The groups are small to promote a more intimate and safe experience for participants.  You will gain practical skills that can be utilized in all areas of your life and create memories to last a lifetime! If you are interested in the details, send me a text or email to get you started on your path to living the life you dream!

2021 Trips


August 26th- September 2nd Tamraght, Morocco

Surf, Yoga, and Personal Transformation

Beginner to Intermediate

I am so thrilled to be offering this extra special opportunity to travel to and experience the gorgeous and safe Tamraght, Morocco in conjunction with Azrac Surf.  Your days will be filled with a variety of activities, including relaxation.  You will have the opportunity to learn to surf (or if you already surf, that works too!), enjoy sunset yoga on top of the rhiad, visit a local oasis and a traditional souk, eat delicious foods, and so much more. Each day will hold engaging transformative personal growth work that will impart skills that you can take with you on top of lasting change that happens within the trip.  With an excellent balance of play, relaxation, and personal growth work you will find yourself transformed by this very special trip.  View details here:


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