*All Sessions are run via Zoom or phone until we can safely meet in person.

In my many years of working with some of the most challenging cases I have experienced success with the therapeutic tools mentioned on this sight.  This success comes with maximum effort and sometimes years of commitment on the part of the therapist and the client.  I am proud to be able to offer NeurOptimal through which I have seen my clients heal quickly and move on from therapy to living more satisfying lives. 
When some of our normal ways of going through life are no longer serving us and we are ready to try something different, therapy is often a viable option.  I offer to be there in this time of transition and exploration.  Together we can do the work bringing new depths to life.

6 Week Parent Coaching Program
I am currently offering a 6 week coaching program that is tailored to your families needs.  We will cover the specific struggles that you are currently facing, the origins, and how to work through them.  The lessons are presented in a conversational manner so that real applicable change can happen.
I offer extensive experience working with teens in a way that they can connect.  In a time of life that is challenging within itself, I will help your teen figure out who they are while assisting in the healing of past and current hurts.  

The world of play therapy has been a part of both my education and my professional life.  Children have a unique way of being in the world which allows them to heal through therapeutic play, art, and education on a more simple level than adults.  The world begins to change with just one child learning how to be themselves while staying safe and knowing how to be in relationship with others.

Family Therapy
Family Therapy is one of the most effective modalities as our families are where we find support, learn about how to live life, and also learn how to protect ourselves, sometimes in ways that no longer serve us or our families.  Communication is often at the base of many family misunderstandings and I work on both an educational and emotional level, untangling what is sometimes hard to see when one is in the system.  All forms of family are welcome.

As anyone knows being in relationship takes work.  Sometimes we run out of ideas in how to be in a healthy relationship and that is when it might be time to seek some guidance.  My approach is that you already hold the missing pieces between the two of you and my part is to help your wisdom be voiced.  I am available to see couples individually and together, depending on what the needs are of the couple.
Wilderness (Friday-Sunday)
Wilderness sessions allow clients to go more in depth than the regular limited 1 hour session.  Each wilderness session is 3 hours long and is catered to the individual, family, or group.  We will be working outside or under a shelter (weather depending) to work through some of the tougher defenses that are standing in your way to understanding and success. *Wilderness Location: Kauai
Zoom/Phone Sessions
Online zoom sessions and phone sessions are now available for distance clients. 
Fees and Insurance

Initial Phone Consultation: Free

Parent Coaching Program: $900


Individual 60 minute session: $150

*Sliding Scale is available if needed.

Couples and Families:  $175 for a 60 minute session.  Longer sessions can be scheduled and fees will vary depending on the session.

Wilderness Experience: Cost varies depending on time spent and whether it is an individual, family, or couples session.

NeurOptimal: NeurOptimal is included in your session if you would like to utilize this incredible tool. 

Insurance:  I do not take insurance, but will be happy to provide a monthly superbill that can be submitted with certain insurance companies for reimbursement in Hawaii, Washington, and Alaska.

Cancellation Policy:  24 hour notice is required unless, of course, there is an actual emergency.